A godly house is built by godly wisdom

“By wisdom, a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge, the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.” – PROVERBS 24:3-4

Many years ago, I helped build a small house in the back of our home in Florida. It turned out that this space became a workout room, a woodworking studio and a place to enjoy the beautiful backyard filled with many oak trees and orchids.

This small space had electricity, running water and air conditioning along with beautiful windows and a huge door that opened to view the giant oak tree sitting in the middle of the yard. On the trunk of the tree were more than 50 beautiful orchids. Every morning, I was able to sit and smell the flowers, hear the birds singing and rejoice in the hard work and many months it took to design, create and complete such a project.

It was a paradise!

It took over six months to understand and plan all that was needed to complete the project. Weeks and weeks of discussions occurred with the builders, contractors, designers and workers who would be helping us build this small house. I wasn’t a follower of Jesus at the time, so there was not a lot of seeking God for wisdom, understanding or knowledge regarding what precious and pleasant things should fill this space. It just came down to “What do ‘I’ want?” and “What will give ‘me’ joy?” Those questions aren’t problems in themselves.

So, why is it different today, then, when we as followers of Jesus seek wisdom from God as we build new projects for TWR Women of Hope in 2022? What does it mean to seek God for wisdom, understanding and knowledge in this new year of development? What would happen if we took time to start by asking God, “What is your desire as we consider writing new programs to educate, encourage and equip women to live a life pleasing to God?”

As I was seeking the Lord in the first three weeks of 2021, God revealed that our word of the year for 2022 would be “build.” (We always plan a year ahead.) As you know, our practice has been to allow this word to guide us in all our work for the year ahead, including our written, audio and visual materials as well as the themes for our leadership development and other events for 2022. We will build upon the foundation that is Jesus and the wisdom of God’s Word as we build up our leaders and the women we are called to serve and care for around the world and across generations.

As we seek God’s will for 2022, the Holy Spirit will give us the understanding and knowledge needed to determine everything that will go into this new house framed by our vision, values and mission. Godly mentoring will be a major theme for the year as we take steps to intentionally raise up the next generation of TWR Women of Hope leaders.

I think we all have good ideas – maybe even amazing, incredible ideas. But if they are not God’s ideas for the women whom he has called us to serve, we will not be building upon godly wisdom. Additionally, the projects won’t impact the world the way God seeks to impact the world through TWR Women of Hope.

I pray that as we are considering the word “build” for 2022, we will be intentional not only to collaborate and generate new ideas and projects that will reach the next generation of women with the gospel but also to take time to seek God for the plans, purpose, design and workers needed to accomplish the tasks.

God is faithful and TWR Women of Hope is his ministry. So, let us lean into this new year with joy and hope knowing that God has a plan. God will help us build upon the solid foundation of Jesus, giving us understanding from his Word by the power of the Holy Spirit to have the knowledge of the precious and pleasant riches that will go into each project and new program we produce for 2022.

In him our hearts rejoice!


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